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Virtual Tour 360 º. Interactive 360 º panorama

Interactive photo tour 360º

Project: 3D interactive photo tour of Country Park Business Center
Author's work of Ilya Vakchromeev and Pavel Roslyakov in the BPS Russland GmbH

3D Render of the exhibition hall. Expo Cube.


3D Visualization of an object in the exhibition center.

Moscow, "Expo-Centre" exhibition hall.

Кантри Парк ТВ 2


Авторская работа Ильи Вахромеева в составе BPS Russland GmbH

3D interior view of 360 º / 360 º Virtual Tour



The three-dimensional view of 360º.

Project: 3D visualization of interiors of residential complex "Left Bank"
Author's work of Ilya Vakhromeev in the BPS Russland GmbH